Saturday, February 15, 2014

Murder tongue

I've been fascinated by Urdu since my secondary school days. While i was at it, Hrithik Roshan entered the scene feigning to learn the language before leaving with a blockbuster debut. I'm still stuck where i was. Barely moved beyond the alif-be-te-se-jim routine and some heavyweight lafz to boot them. As of today, i'm to Urdu what Rafael Nadal is to comfortable shorts. And keeping in line with the tradition of destroying the most beautiful thing to have ever emerged out of military aggression—one day at a time—let me 'paraphrase' a popular piece of shayari for posteriority...

Kabhi kisi ko muqammal jahan nahi milta
Kahin Amreeka toh kahin Afghan nahi milta
Kehne ko toh sabhi chutiye hai 
Kisiko neendh toh kisiko aaraam nahi milta
Wah wah. 

I should go hang myself now.


Anonymous said...

Hanging yourself wouldn't bring back the language that died of shame :D :D :D :D.

Anonymous said...

Its looks that u have a very good command over written english as i could c. but nothing productive. U could have been atleast productive by atleast using ur language for the poor people in your own country. The people who don't have voice. The forest tribes who have been displaced by the greedy corporates for mining.UR own military forces are used to kill ur own country people that too the illeterate, poor people their wives and daughter's are being raped killed. The country languages schools are vanishing and the schools who's syllabus is being westernised ...the students know more about films and television and less about science,maths & technology..
U r not aware of whats exactly happening in the world. Try to look into some good websites u will find many things u can do to save our civiliazation