Saturday, February 8, 2014

Part-time human, full-time crazy

One of the stupidest acts in our recorded history is our attempt at convincing ourselves that we're not crazy. But the trick is to know—before somebody else does—that you are crazy. The moment you begin to calibrate your sense of acceptance on the societal scale of lunacy, you're sold. And it steals your veneer of craziness while leaving you duped of your individuality. Because the nicest part about these folks is they don't pretend to be somebody else. They say what they want and do as like. 10 out of seven of them are harmless and mathematically challenged. They don't keep their words while trying their best to make up with action. They are the last hope of humanity. The level-headed ones had their chances and they clearly blew most of them. So now it's up to the not-so-sanes to keep the ball rolling. All they need to do is gain power. Time is a witness to the fact that those powerful enough to make a difference haven't been crazy enough. Comparatively speaking, the crazies get things done quickly, not by relying on others but by doing stuff themselves. High time people come out of their crazy closet and own up responsibility. Besides, being different won't do. Making the most of it is a completely different racetrack.

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I'll make my maa read this :P