Wednesday, August 20, 2014

A matter of balance

Call this city loud, stinky or whatnot but there's one thing that we all take for granted: Mumbai's ability to let us just be. Although it's buzzing and almost tearing at the seam with its rising population and shrinking space, the fabled peace of mind is seldom far away from where we are. After all, Mumbaikars get used to the pace within no time leaving little scope for regrets. This quality—if you may—is something we ingrain during our stay here. And it applies to the non-human creatures as well. Be it the rat on the railway tracks nibbling away the litter or the crows who later meal on the fat rats who failed to cross the road. It'd be suffice to say that there's a balance in motion on a daily basis. Like for instance, my brother recently caught a dog (which I'm sure must have spent the night chasing cars) dozing peacefully under bright sunlight against the blaring noise of passing local trains. Well, who can you blame when this island city refuses to submerge at once?

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