Sunday, August 24, 2014

Morning drill

You're standing on the platform waiting for your regular local train to arrive. As it snakes in, you notice that certain things don't change—at all. Crows stay perched on the overboard electric wires making you wonder why they don't drop dead electrocuted. A dog is lazing on the platform unperturbed by the hustle-bustle of humans in its vicinity while fellow male commuters are removing their bags from their back so as to hang in on their front. This practice allows 'smoother' entry into an overcrowded compartment. About a hundred yards away, as usual, some jaywalkers are trying to cross the track before the approaching train could hit them. Daredevils of the mundane types they are! Would it be right to call them idiots or wrong to call the train a mass murderer? As a daily commuter, you don't answer such disturbing questions. After all, you've got some place to be on time.

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