Friday, August 22, 2014

Empty earfulness

I'm not talkative by nature. I'm talkative by character. Which means, if i like you, i'll talk to you. I'll chat you up in a manner that will leave your eardrums haunted for a reasonably long time. And i'm not kidding. People i like end up disliking me because i have so much to share with them. Strictly verbal though. They might think that i'm trying to educate them or something. But i learnt some years ago that it's impossible to do so with adults. However, when i'm alone, i find solace in silence. Looking out of the window—especially in a local train and GOD KNOWS THAT HAPPENS RARELY—works fine for me. But if i've got company then it's either my smeared-by-grin silence or our one-sided talkathon.
This is what i've figured out about myself. 
To be frank, it sucks to be this way. 
Nobody likes a blahmouth but they are too polite to say it on your face. 
As a consequence, i've realized that it's OK to be silent with those you adore. Meaning, it's fine to not behave like an owl that's scared that the sun may not set. It's alright to let silence have a say. In any case, it's not incumbent on me to keep the conversation going. Words are not turning extinct anyway. They'll be here while we'll be gone for good. The point being it's pointless to be insecure about silence. Like learn a thing or two from the Japanese survivors of World War II who later used to assemble in a room and just sat, not sharing a single word.
Well, again.
But we're missing the crucial part here. People who talk with nothing to lose or gain from it are actually doing a great deal of service to those who do. 
Think about it.
While you're at it, listen to me.


Anonymous said...

As I sit here listening to you,I can't help thinking that my silence should hear your silence pick up a few useful tips,y'know!

Enigma said...

Keep talking. :)