Monday, August 18, 2014

Give and take

I like to say that dog is our best friend without a friendship band. And we keep hearing how the four-legged ones love us irrespective of how or who we are. But we somehow conveniently forget that it's not THAT simple. We tend to shower affection on them and they return the same, many folds over without fail. The trick lies in selflessness and that's what we miss while assessing this strong but strange bond between humans and the so-called canines. We love them with everything we have and then they make us love them with everything we have till the day they pass away. Despite knowing very well that their life expectancy is always going to be a hurdle in continuing the relationship, we still go ahead with it so as to make the most of the limited time at hand. Just a little trace of selfishness that was mentioned earlier. So, the conclusion being we might be able to replicate this success rate in relationship with humans too provided we give our selfishness and insecurity a break and embrace others wholeheartedly.

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