Sunday, August 3, 2014

Cash, not kind

On paper, India can claim to be a nation that has banned begging but the mundane reality begs to differ. In Mumbai, beggars are everywhere but quite prominent inside local trains and on the over-bridge at railway stations. However, a recent incident made us notice the difference between performing and begging. A little girl in ragged clothes entered a second class compartment only to belt some old Bollywood numbers. Although her immature voice and lack of training was apparent, she came into her own while doing the rounds for collecting money from the passengers. On being harangued by an elderly gentleman—"Chutta nahi hai"—our pocketsized heroine had a ready reply. “Toh note dono na saab! Bheek todhe hi maang rahi hoon?”, which not only earned her laughs but also some forthcoming contributions.

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