Sunday, August 10, 2014

Love her? Let her be

It's not that love has to be unconditional but then, what's the point of having conditional love? Does the moon share its beauty only with the select few? Or does the sun shine bright on the chosen ones? What about rain? Does it not fall down indiscriminately? Have you seen the wind change it course? Love, if you ask me—which you won't—is either there or not. There's no set formula to gain it although there are million techniques to lose it. Love flows like a river, not knowing that its water is going to turn salty in the end. Pure and selfless; perhaps like a mother's care. But can we emulate that as non-maternal individuals? Can we love a person without expecting anything in return? Are human hearts designed that way? Or is it a folly to believe what that the likes of Rumi said? I surmise love is permanent as long as one's mind ain't corrupted by expectations. Once you begin to expect, insecurity seeps in. And once that happens, you want to modulate the other person's personality. You wish her face looked this way or that. You're not really happy with her haircut. You want her to sleep early just because you do. You assume she can be great at something which she isn't even interested in. You coax her to walk in the park only for an epiphany you once had while doing the same. Gradually, you become annoying because your head is already annoyed with the standards it has set for itself and for your partner. You forget who you are or what you are, let alone how you are. The other person becomes a trophy to exhibit. And your so-called love has turned into societal etiquette. Do you really want to be that person? Before you notice, you've become a four-walled fascist. You yourself aren't happy and you don't really understand why you're sad with the person you loved the most not very long ago. Here's what i'd do if i were that person: i'll bring down the curtain of conditions and let the sunlight fall on us—indiscriminately, as expected. And then i'll let her be the way she wants to be. Because it's not about me, her or us. It's about the promise you make to yourself when you're about to fall asleep. That you'll wake up...from your ignorance.

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