Wednesday, August 27, 2014

In beholders' eyes

When i was in kindergarten, my dad used to look like Rajiv Gandhi. As of now, he's somewhere between Robert De Niro and Michael Caine, with a voice that's more endearing than his words. I love him a lot. My ma has aged a decade in the last four years. Especially after she was dispossessed off a majority of her teeth. Unneeded worry and resulting bitterness did the rest to her face. I love her a lot. My brother was a paedophile's delight as a kid. He grew up to be a tall, handsome, erudite chap but his vouch for honesty can make him resentful at times. I love him a lot. My best friend—yes, there's something called THAT and i realized it long after school ended—is a delight to be with. He never leaves a chance to pick on me or crack a lame joke in my honour. However, if i fall down, he'll be the first one to pick me up. I love him a lot. The woman i'm in love with is the kind of person who's hard to come by. She's incredibly wonderful but likes to think she has issues when she clearly doesn't. I love her a lot. I don't have a pet anymore after our dear cat got killed last millennium but i have three street dogs to fend for. No, i don't do much except feed them Parle-G and scratch their necks every now and then. As expected, they stink and sneeze on my face. I love them a lot.
The point being when you love someone, you just love them because deep down, you understand that you're lucky to have them in your world. A world that might have been more miserable than it already is had it not been for them. You see, i love myself a lot. 

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