Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Behind closed eyes

What did you see in your dreams last night? Remember any of it? If yes, did you realize that you didn't watch anything new? Anything at all. Whatever you saw no matter how crazy it seemed in its screenplay was already conceived by your mind while you were awake therefore. No surprise. Yet you somehow fooled yourself thanks to your subconscious that you saw that ghost for the first time in your life. Tada. You didn't! You rode that fighter plane you've been riding since childhood now. You could feel your feet pressing the accelerator as if it was a car. You almost felt the skin of your lover, didn't you? You almost got yourself killed with that fall off the cliff. Well, almost. Did you care to notice the time of your death? You couldn't. There's no concept of a clock in dreams, you know? There's no death for that matter. You never die. You're always alive and breathing and sweating and worrying and pulsating and dilating but you're never gone. Your dreams don't let you die. So what do they do? They wake you up so that you can chase whatever you wish to. What are you chasing today? Please don't say "local gaadi".

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