Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The final leg

The greatest difference between a majority of us and street dogs is they have character. Each one of them, bare-assed beauties. On top of that, they understand their boundaries very well. Of course, there is no definite procedure to measure the strength of one’s character but its presence doesn’t take much time to detect. What most of us humans have is image and we pay a huge price to maintain it too. We can’t afford character. And even if we manage to do, there’d be more shades in it than required. That’s the problem with mortals who speak. If silence says a lot about one’s character, then it’s worth wondering what barking does. If humans have questionable characters, there has to be more than enough answers too. If a man on the road is mistaken, his pawed bestie must know better. But who’s going to ask? Or listen?

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