Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Bricks and canons

Will there be any issue if you wish to destroy yourself? Not just by your words or actions but just by being. If yes, burn all those bridges—even the ones you didn't even help build—before burning your world. And once you do that, let me know how it feels. Because i'm never going to do that. There is no reason why or no about it. Just that i've come to realize that when you intend to destroy yourself—either by action or inertia—you're basically hurting everyone who ever cared for you. Those people who silently cheered for you. I've come to realise such souls are rare and aren't to be lost at any cost. They walk by seldom and when they leave, they seldom return too. The wiser and the more practical thing to do would be to not let the thought of destruction envelope you. It's no mere coincidence why building takes time and destroying doesn't. Also, why we don't have to be a qualified architect to build relationships.

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