Sunday, January 4, 2015

Spick and span

Why do you think India is—for the most part—so deep in filth? And we are talking about the real one here, not the philosophical kind. If you travel, you'll note that there might be places in our country which are really clean and orderly but you are seldom away from people who won't think twice before littering. And this condition has very little to do with one's status in the society. People rolling down their glass windows to dump plastic out of car is as common as the local train commuters slipping the same out of their grilled window. Everybody is more or less guilty. Even if you are one of those who never throw away garbage in public or test your spitting skills on a nearby wall, your efforts continue to remain an individual task as long as you don't rebuke/chastise those defiling their surrounding. Yes, that sounds unfair. But the trouble with such civic responsibilities is you've got to involve as many citizens as possible. You can see the change by being the change itself but what's the point if others are constantly changing your change? 
Let me give you an example.
You want the trains to be as tidy as possible, right? Good. But if there is an idiot who takes pride in dropping his orange peels on the floor, what do you do about it? Ignore? Pick up the peels for him because you are a huge Lage Raho Munna Bhai fan? Or would you just stand up and blast the offender in public ensuring others take note of what is going on? Go with the last option. Besides, what's the most that can happen? He'll counter-argue with his arrogance? He won't. Believe me, i've been there and done that several times by now. What he'll do is this: he'll stare in wonder at you because he didn't really wake up that day hoping some stranger would open his eyes THAT wide. Followed by which, he'll lower his gaze and pretend he's invisible. Too late. The message is already sent and delivered. You've done your job and more importantly, you've set a chain reaction. Compared to a station platform, your audience multiply inside a local train. Ironically. Stories spread better when the wheels are running. Hence it's very, very, very, very important to spread awareness before they spread filth.

PS: Damn. I digressed once again. The reason why our country is under filth for the most part is because we are a nation of people who prefer to be clean to please their god. To put it in simpler words, we are clean for god's sake! We aren't clean by nature. We are clean by our religion/faith/whateverPKwantstocallit. Left to godlessness, we'd kick cleanliness' ass out of this planet. Which might explain why we tend to keep our house clean but turn barbaric the moment we step out of our door. Of course, it's just my theory and i could be wrong but definitely not unclean.

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