Friday, January 30, 2015

Exhaling humour

Bollywood apes a lot of things from across the globe but laughing at itself isn't one of them. Looks like the Hindi film industry—or should we say, some prominent members from B-Town—are on the brink of getting that right as well. Over the recent past, the Internet has been constantly interrupted by film celebs exhibiting a sharp sense of humour, unprecedented in nature or execution. For a very, very, very long time, this wasn't the case. The picturewallahs preferred to keep their opinion and money to themselves. However, thanks to the advent of social media, they aren't hiding anymore. Therefore, we get to hear them use words nowadays we thought even a film script won't allow without giving the Censor Board cranial hernia. Isn't that cool? Of course! Moreover, it's not about giving the F-word a break and using the C-word and the L-word and the B-word. It's much deeper actually, pun intended. Two reasons. One, the starry i-am-cleaner-than-thou pretence has to be shoved away. Two, the starry i-am-cleaner-than-thou pretence has to be shoved away. No matter how cringing celebs jokes (jokes made by celebs, not ON celebs) come across as, it's a lot better to have some so-called stars speak the same lingo that a majority of us do. Sweet! This is precisely those achhe din NaMo promised us.

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