Thursday, January 22, 2015

Zzzzzoned in

They say people move to Mumbai so as to fulfill their dreams. However, more often than not, these dreams are too basic in necessity to call themselves dreams but that’s how things are in our demography. Also, it’s kind of ironical that a city that allegedly never goes to sleep has so many people falling asleep everywhere; at any given point of time. Be it on the side of a street or on top of a wooden mart or inside a taxi or outside a mall. It’s as if the city is indeed sleepless but only during nighttime. When the sun is out there shining, everybody seems to be in a hurry to find themselves some moments of respite. And we are not even talking about those noddies who doze off in local trains or BEST buses—either in sitting position or standing—as easily as a baby in a mother’s arms. We’re pointing out those who are stationary and yet somehow manage to catch forty winks—if 39 ain't enough—that seem to elude them otherwise.

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