Sunday, January 25, 2015

Completing a circle

They say that Christopher Columbus discovered America when the correct usage should be "Christopher Columbus discovered mistake!" But then, you can always excuse the Italians (erstwhile Romans) for their mind-depriving errors. Nevertheless, humankind owes a lot to them in any case be it science, cuisine, religion, philosophy or matters pertaining exclusively to genitals. They've seen it and done it all. Of course, they are no longer the world's largest producer of wine anymore but still, for ol' time's sake, you have to give them their befitting due. Sticking to the topic, if it weren't for Columbus, there would be no New World per se. There wouldn't have been much delight in what we like to call the modern world, would there? There wouldn't have been no Hollywood. No Al Pacino or Robert De Niro or Leonardo DiCaprio. No nothing. Just some of the reasons why it's very interesting to note that a black-skinned President of a nation discovered by an Italian but currently inhabited by a white majority is visiting a nation Sig. Columbus originally intended to stumble upon. And let's not even get into Sonia Gandhi's origin.

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