Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Fuss about fuzz

Since 2010, not a month has passed by i haven’t spotted some facial fuzz. It was always there either in the form of an ugly beard or a walrus-y moustache or an unislamic goatee. This has nothing to do with my razor-phobia. I guess the idea was to look mature(r) than i actually was. Well, didn’t work out. Once a stupid child. Always a stupid child. However, with the dawn of 2015, i impulsively got rid of my mask. And as expected, received quite a lot of amusing comments. 

Listing out a few of them:
  • Achha toh aap aise dikhte ho?” – barber
  • Namma mange porl aate.” – pappa
  • “*surprised looks in Tulu*” – amma
  • “*notgivingafuckface*” – brother
  • Police ne damki diya kya?” – colleague #1
  • School bus se office aaya?” – colleague #2
  • Kavla maal lag raha hai.” – colleague #3
  • New joinee?” – colleague #4
  • I liked you better with beard.” – boss
  • I still dislike you.” – colleague #5
  • Lost weight or what?” – colleague #6

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm very nervous to see you now :-|