Monday, January 5, 2015

Hum paanch

So far, i've created only one WhatsApp group and i'm glad being that admin who doesn't converse much with his chosen' members. We share lame Internet pictures, lamer Internet videos and lamest Internet jokes. But we seem so happy about the whole affair that it doesn't really strike us that we are basically wasting each others' time. I believe that's the closest any of us would ever get to divinity. No wonder why WhatsApp groups are fun un-lame-ted! Last weekend, i was part of an event that led to the creation of another such group and i must admit i'm very happy to be a member. Everybody else in it except me belongs to engineering background. They are the highly motivated types who work hard during weekdays and are climbing up the ladder gracefully. And during weekends, they live it up without losing control; something i enormously admire. So, the past Saturday, we gathered for breakfast followed by lunch involving fish. The guy on the extreme left helped with the buying part while that pretty girl next to him helmed the cooking bit—OK, cooking byte—while i observed from a safe distance. The two on the right maintained the safest distance until the food was served. It was home. I think we are always seeking home. There's no one definite place to go or be. We find it wherever we feel like seeking. Friends you're very comfortable with create that spot for you. Once they do that, they make sure you have a day well spent. Offline.

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