Thursday, October 1, 2015

Changing constants

Everything changes. The weather changes. Clouds change. The climate changes. Tides change. The wind changes its direction. The directions change too. The day changes into night. The night changes into day. Resolutions change. The taste changes. The recipe changes. The priorities change. The regrets change. Personalities change as well. Society changes. Boundaries change. Politics changes too. A language changes. Words change. Ideas change as well. Memories change. The pattern of knowledge changes. Art changes. Fashion changes. Intelligence changes with age. Stupidity changes with time too. Nothing remains constant. Moreover, nothing attempts to remain constant. Except religion.

And that's precisely where the problem lies. 


Rinku Prakash said...

Its not only that religion does not change. Its that people basically do not change. As you said, change is the constant, but only for natural happenings. People have only changed slightly during the past many thousands of years. No wonder we are still wallowing in suffering

Anonymous said...

"In spirit, I have. But, the majority will never embrace the change publicly, nor act on the changing quotient of my evolving morality. And that, my friend, is sad. :(" -Religion