Monday, October 12, 2015

A price of growth

It's never enough.

Not today. Not ever. 

The sooner we get used to the idea, the easier it will be for us. 

When you are younger, the world looks very promising because you don't have a vision. As you age, you begin to develop something within you that is much greater than you. No matter how much you strive to tame it, it won't budge. You don't quantify what it actually is because you enjoy having something of your own. Since you have to give it a name, you start calling it 'dreams'. That lovely little word that sounds so innocent when it clearly isn't. That's the beauty of creation. The thing in you takes shape according to the time you go through but it is always going to dominate you. And it's never going to stop. There's a reason why you don't put the word 'enough' in front of dreams. 

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