Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Worth a watch

Cinema has been a constant companion of mine and it didn't surprise me much to find it thriving in a place like McLeodganj. OK, thriving is a heavy word given i found only one theatre (if you can call that so) with about 20 seats and a small screen. Oh yes, there was a lovely poster of Leonardo DiCaprio's The Basketball Diaries on the wall. I managed to catch only one show—Far from the Madding Crowd, a must-watch even if you haven't read the book—out of the four that they screen everyday. Must admit i was pretty impressed by the choice of movies. Random lovely gems like Kundun, 7 Years in Tibet, Iris, Gandhi (screened appropriately on October 2nd), Still Alice, Wild, Mad Max and so on. Maybe this cinema hall, if not the uphill trip, was a gentle reminder that i'm losing touch with what kept me sane for a long, long time. I should go back to watching movies like i once used to!

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