Sunday, October 18, 2015

Nobody Anonymous

I choose my words carefully, especially when i'm talking to others. I might tend to lose focus while i'm ruminating/tweeting/blogging because i'm basically talking to myself but in person, i take care what comes out of my mouth. If i'm describing something, i make sure i know what i'm talking about. I don't confuse my humid with hot. If a Sunday can't be called a Monday, then an idiot shouldn't be called a fool either. Get my drift? Which is why i think the word 'celeb' is annoying when people use it in my reference. I'm not a celeb. In fact, i'm nowhere close to it. Having 28K odd followers—built over a pace of seven slow years—doesn't make you a celeb. And neither do 2500+ Facebook 'friends', a majority of whom won't show up at your funeral. Let's not even go to Instagram or Snapchat. In my dictionary, a celeb is someone who doesn't need introduction. I’ve never had been stopped on the street. Nobody knows me except the mongrels and that's just because i happen to feed them biscuits. Or else, even they wouldn't bother to wag their tails. If everything happens for a reason, a celeb is somebody who happens unreasonably. And i'm glad i'm not one of them. I am very random in my expressions, yes, but i'm not a tweleb either. Thanks, no thanks. So far, i've tried my level best to be not put in a box. Once you're inside a box, you are forced to follow patterns. That's clearly not my style. I'm a nobody and i make the most of it. 


Anonymous said...

Whatever you are, you are beautiful, Shakti. I wish I could know you in person and then maybe kiss you even but mostly, be friends with you.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous because Palla may hit me for hitting on you. :p