Friday, October 16, 2015

footsie > football

Playing football without adequate practice (in terms of skills and fitness) is a really bad idea. If you go for a night match, do expect to hear your muscles cry the next month. It goes without saying that everybody can't aspire to be as durable as modern footballers. They are as good as army men, if not better than Shaolin monks! Running 10-12 miles for an hour or so is not a pancake. I know this because i've been to two nocturnal football outings now. Both involving colleagues who are way too fitter than i am. They smoke and drink and yet manage to run around for 70-90 odd minutes. I am out of gas within 15 minutes. As i write this, i'm feeling weary as sloth and my neck is aching, among other things. But having said that, i've noticed that there is always a smarter way to do things. Hence the following points should be adhered to (at least by me) if i'm ever going to play after work. 
  • Always pack up properly before leaving for the ground. Tee. Shorts. Kaupinam. Shoes. Socks. Slippers. Small towel (more on that later). Waterbottle. Cash. 
  • Warm up appropriately. Hands. Legs. Hip. Joints. Warm up everything. Jog a bit after stretching. Don't pounce on the ball as if you've never seen it before!
  • Don't talk while playing. Nobody's listening to you anyway. Everybody is in their own zone. Instead, clap to signal to your fellow players.
  • Sprint but make sure you are breathing deeply while at play. Nothing helps more than oxygen on the field. Nothing. Not even water. 
  • Sip short gulps of water only during the half-time break. Sip long gulps of water only after the game ends. 
  • Sip while sitting on the ground relaxed. Cooling down is VERY important.
  • Use the towel to wipe off your sweaty head. Once the sweat droplets seeps in, you are going to get a headache whether you like it or not. Your head will be fucked throughout the night and well into the following morning.
  • Take a hot bath on reaching home. Wash your hair with shampoo and scrub yourself properly to get rid of the grass-related bugs. 
  • Have a light dinner but drinks loads of water. 
  • Avoid pillow. Your neck will be sprained otherwise. 
  • Announce retirement from football and go back to watching a match from a safe distance.

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