Thursday, October 8, 2015

Funny how?

  • Funny how little we know about the closest thing to us: our body!
  • Funny how she runs through his head before covering her tracks.
  • Funny how everyone's busy but hardly anything is getting done.
  • Funny how Bollywood songs don't come with parental advisory label.
  • Funny how we keep losing respect for others while maintaining ours.
  • Funny how your life ACTUALLY begins and ends with you.
  • Funny how loss always outmatches the desire to own.
  • Funny how all your troubles disappear once you do the same.
  • Funny how we spend our lives trying to be a human.
  • Funny how we don't do anything worth an attempt.
  • Funny how allegations amount to convictions nowadays.
  • Funny how questions vary while the answer stubbornly stays the same.
  • Funny how there's no god/goddess of humour in mythology!
  • Funny how "Kuch bhi" has replaced "Tathastu".
  • Funny how falling for a person sometimes ruins everything.
  • Funny how your home takes you everywhere.
  • Funny how atheists believe in soul mates.
  • Funny how my dreams come true only when i am fast asleep.
  • Funny how something as trivial as clothes often decide our status.
  • Funny how our narcissism is limited to us! 
  • Funny how media buzzes louder than bees. 
  • Funny how we wait for a person to die to wholeheartedly praise him.
  • Funny how only mortality lives happily ever after.
  • Funny how some people found their voice on Dubsmash.
  • Funny how Maggi became the weapon of mass destruction.
  • Funny how life reflects even in utter darkness.
  • Funny how youth find their true calling in BPOs.
  • Funny how we initially underestimate others only to express surprise later.  
  • Funny how just one tweet cost Lalit Modi so many IPLs.
  • Funny how the realities dawn on us after sunset.
  • Funny how your face resembles my eyes.
  • Funny how sex is still a forbidden apple in our country.
  • Funny how only the sad part of history repeats itself? 
  • Funny how kindness surprises the stray dogs. 
  • Funny how you're tired of all the things you should have done
  • Funny how we lost their sense of humour. 
  • Funny how people change... their DPs!
  • Funny how i turned out to be a loner in the virtual world too!
  • Funny how people change. Funnier how people make people change.
  • Funny how others find you funny when you aren't!

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An Idealist Proffesional said...

I am becoming your fan Shakti.