Thursday, November 13, 2014

A dog nose

My real-world fame may be restricted to street dogs but it’s not restricted only to those in my neighbourhood. I’m quite popular among a few near my office as well. Like this gentleman in the picture. He knows me for almost a year now. In an ideal world, we are friends with bonefits. But being an independent person, he doesn’t expect much though except a gentle tap on his hand or a scrubbing palm around his neck. In fact, unlike his eternally hungry counterparts in Sanpada, he hates Parle-G. Anyway, the reason why he’s featured here is he is turning blind in his left eye. I noticed it today. And i’ll do something about this mutual admiration because it’d be nicer to hold on to a four-legged friend whose eyesight is at par with his sniffing skills.

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