Friday, November 7, 2014

That drowning feeling

Imagine you’re a woman in case you aren’t.
Imagine a horde of unruly men attacking your village.
Imagine them as cruel as you can never be.
Imagine horrible stories of them violating womenfolk.
Imagine watching them do the same in yours.
Imagine worse—with a tinge of bloodshed in place.
Imagine running towards the well.
Imagine your heartbeat almost choking you.
Imagine not looking behind at the ones chasing you.
Imagine diving in at once.
Imagine the water touching your body thoroughly.
Imagine thrusting your face out of the surface.
Imagine the circular well's mouth lined with silhouettes peeping in.
Imagine paddling your feet and balancing yourself.
Imagine how long you can carry on like that.
Imagine the moment your body begins to shiver.
Imagine the very instance your spirit gives up too.
Imagine the point when you finally slide in.
Imagine a flood entering your lungs.
Imagine your eyes wide open seeing nothing in particular.
Imagine the dilemma of knowing how to swim. 
Imagine the dilemma of being stuck in the well.