Thursday, November 6, 2014

Universally splendid

You think you’re bored and that’s why you’re here? NO. You are here to server a bigger purpose. You are here to make somebody rich(er). No, not me. Christopher Nolan and his team of gifted ones. You are here reading this crap so that i can let you realize that his Interstellar is something you can’t afford to miss. In case this world isn't enough for you, the epicness it exudes might make you understand that our planet is simply great regardless of what we're busy doing to it. It's not just about our planet. There's so much to unknow about the universe we are part of. Besides, why should we deny ourselves a chance to look beyond what is obvious. This behemoth of a movie acknowledges so many things at once. Also, it’s one of those films you shouldn’t download and ruin by watching on a 17-inch screen. Remember Gravity from last year? Good. This film pushes the boundaries—both physical and abstract—a bit further. There are cryptic clues with answers hidden in somewhere. And that could be your heart.

PS: When/if i grow up, i want to be Nolan's ghost. You'll get why only after watching the film. 

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