Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mundane promises

Ever wondered how the not-so-privileged families manage to stick together inside an 8x8feet room? Calling this kind of accommodation inconvenient is actually an understatement. Such little houses include the kitchen as well as the bathroom with no question of a bedroom. Everybody inside the house sleeps on the floor. And there’s no dearth of similar style—for lack of a more suitable word—of habitation in Mumbai. Of course, it’s a matter of choice for an individual whether s/he wants to stay back and fight for their space in the city or go back to where they hail from. But still, everybody has a relatable story to share. Like the family in the picture above. Here, the husband runs a laundry service—with considerable help from his housekeeping wife—while his two sons attend nearby school. They all stay inside a room that’s barely 64 sq feet in area. But the man of the family hopes to see better days ahead as he is ensuring his kids get what he or his spouse couldn’t: education.

PS: Happy Universal Children's Day to you, too.

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