Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Dance like the wind ain't watching

At a gurukul in the sprawling shade of trees, a disciple interrupted the gathering by asking his master a rather inane question: “Are the leaves moving the wind or is it vice versa?” The master, without even gazing at the branches above him, replied, “Neither. It’s your mind that seems distracted. Pay attention in class.

If i were the master, i’d have paid attention to a theory my friend proposed recently. Things move because of intention. Science may have its share of endless corollaries on momentum, acceleration and velocity but they all fall short when it comes to the movement of stuff inside our head. What makes our thoughts move? Anyway, the point being there’s no uniformity in place. Chaos rules. For instance, when somebody is dancing to a song, who’s moving whom? Is it the music that is making the body groove or vice versa? I mean, if you push two individuals to the dance floor and hit the play button, wouldn’t they be dancing differently—considering they haven’t practised steps before—despite hearing the same piece of music? Is this true to nature too?

Which brings us to another inane question: “Which leaf is moving which way and how does the wind feel about this discord in choreography?

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Anonymous said...

this is so beautiful... it makes me fall in love with you again...