Monday, November 10, 2014


Why not "best morning"? Why aren't we bored of oxygen yet? Why not mention 'Survivor' on our résumés? Why are they called strangers when they aren't strange at all? Why overestimate our right to be wrong? Why do you think therefore you are? Why are all the breaking news sad? Why wait for tomorrow to avoid what can't be done today? Better still, why wait for tomorrow when today is waiting for us? Lord, why have you not forsaken my enemies yet? Why let your inner child grow up? Why get hurt and then inked instead of vice versa? Why pretend to be something we can easily be? Why run when we can take a walk...together? Why be an asshole when you can be a phenomenon? Why blame your heart when your lungs are at fault? Why not lose yourself to someone who'd overlook your shortcomings? Why let the distance come in your way to the destination? Why isn't there an i-don't-know-what-to-say emoticon yet? Why is it that we chase the ones who don't really care about us and shun those who do? Why not be those lovers who neither meet in the beginning nor live happily ever after in the end? Why worry about stuff that doesn't even exist? Why play a supporting role in YOUR movie called life? Why isn't there any tax on emotional baggage? If nothing lasts forever, why should the rules be any different for sadness? Why is your question?

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