Sunday, November 23, 2014


Isn't it amazing how certain hidden aspects just flash in front of your eyes when you least expect them? Last week, i was at Kurla and repeating what i'm an expert at: waiting for my train home. And while i was it, the entire platform was rehearsing Kumbh Mela. The only problem being nobody got lost! In this chaos, i reminisced the poster of American Beauty. For no peculiar reason. It just flashed and i vividly noticed the rose on her belly. Very suggestive. Very appealing. Very thornless. Yup. It just struck me that there are no thorns on that stem of rose. It was almost as if the thorns were photoshopped away for a reason. It got me thinking because i must have noticed it earlier too since i love film posters but i never really gave it a thought. In fact, a film might be horrible but as far as the art of film posters go, seldom do we come across a terrible one. By the time i got into the train—don't ask me how—i had received the answer for myself. The thorns were absent because beauty doesn't always have to accompany pain. American or no American.

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