Saturday, June 27, 2015

A lunatic quest

"Chand, ae raat ke sehra mein bhatakte hue chand,
Jaa kahin aur chala ja ke ye basti tere kaabil he nahi..."
                                       - Superman of Malegaon (2008)

There are several reasons to admire the moon. One of them being its impartiality. It doesn't matter to the moon whether you're rich or poor, tall or Tyrion, black or white, right or yourself. Our only satellite shall showcase its glory to everyone. Of course, it will never reveal its other side. That's private property, sorry. But still, it has done more than enough to inspire poetry, astrology and astronomy—amongst other things. And for all its services, we don't even have a name for it. We just call it moon even though we have distinct names for all the moons of all the planets that we know. We even have names for the moons revolving around Pluto, which itself is a former planet now! Isn't that sad? Wonder how Luna/Serena/Soma (which all mean moon in their respective languages) feel about that. The worst part being people are named Moon! Speaking of which, 12 astronauts have been to moon so far. The last person to be up there was Eugene Cernan and this was way back in 1972. Which means nobody has been to moon in over four decades. Doesn't that add to moon's loneliness? Lastly, what's the point of becoming astronauts nowadays when Mars in inhabited by robots and we've given up on our lunar missions?

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