Friday, June 26, 2015

How to be what

Be happy.
Contrary to popular beliefs, it's not THAT hard.
Trust me on this.
For i've been sad for a major part of my life
—for no peculiar reason though.
Be kind.
Don't hurt others with words.
Use something sharper like a knife or a sword.
Besides, there are better things to do with tongue.
People matter but only few.
Locate them sooner than later.
Be trustworthy.
Nicer things happen to those who value themselves.
Whatever you're saying is going to turn into clouds.
If you don't believe me, live long enough.
If you can't, your grandkids will witness the rain.
You are here for a reason.
Be curious.
There's a world beyond you.
Far beyond your beliefs.
Something that makes this planet go round.
I'm trying to figure it out while my fingers tremble.
I'll never break the code but it's worth breaking.
Be stable.
Is there a point in being a feather when you're not?
Is there a point in floating when you shouldn't?
There's much more to life than breathing.
There are questions we are born with,
and then there are answers we die for.
Be hopeful.
How long can we find comfort in pessimism?
How long before we devours us for good?
The sun is going to rise whether we like it or not.
The moon is going to shine even if we fall asleep.
Nobody owes us nothing except hope.
Be yourself.
Your face may resemble others' but that's it.
You were carved out of time.
Nothing comes close to your uniqueness.
You are beautiful because the universe made you.
And you're a survivor—just act like one.


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Shakti, I love you

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Feeling Inspired ๐Ÿ˜Š