Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Starry airs

Actors who made it are called stars, especially by the media. For people, labels don't really matter. A SRK fan would be least bothered by Salman Khan's stardom. If you think about it, the term 'star' doesn't mean they are brilliant at what they do. Just that they managed to grab our imagination more than our attention. It's a weird paradox. However, have you wondered why they are called stars? Shouldn't the term be exclusive to someone who is far ahead of—if not afar from—the rest of us? Aren't stars, in celestial context, quite unreachable? At least the sports stars do something exceptionally real for living. The actors merely pretend in front of the camera. Doesn't that bother you? I don't know why it bothers me but if nothing else, i feel the term 'star' should be extended to people who climb mountains or travel in space. They shine brighter than most of our stories ever will. Imagine being on the tip of Mt. Everest or in ISS exposing your body to radiation while moving at the speed of 7.6 km/sec.  The only consolation i derive is from the latest news about Pornhub making a film in the space starring two pornstars. The height of stardom, yes.

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