Sunday, June 21, 2015

To be or do

If you ask someone what they wanted to be when they grow up, they'd say something like astronaut, doctor, singer or dancer. It's quite natural why we harbour certain aspirations in our life. They stem from our childhood but not necessarily because we were going to grow up but because we hope we'll grow up someday not having to depend on grownups to decide for us. Of course, we discount that factor when somebody asks us the "Who did you want to be as a kid?" question. This is what i feel should be the correct answer: As a kid, there was very little of a reference to be something. We were pretty content being kids but there were restrictions too. So, what we wanted to do was more important than wanting to be. In other words, we might have wanted to have as many chocolates as we wanted or lick as much icecream as our heart desired but we never did because parents wouldn't let us. So maybe, as kids, our aim was to grow up so that nobody else gets to ordain for us. We'd be our masters. However, as we stepped into the education system where competition is the byword, we forgot that primal drive to have the basics (chocolate, candies, icecream) and we started drawing bigger, greater pictures (of flying in space and dancing on stage). And here we are, today, wondering who's going to stop us from beginning all over again.

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