Thursday, June 11, 2015

Running out of health

Gym isn't for me. I tried but i couldn't put up with its tough regimen. Weights and strings aren't something my body agree with. But i do believe that leading a healthy lifestyle is a better option than getting fat thinking that it's OK. It's not. Whoever takes health for granted pays an exorbitant price. And one doesn't have to read a WHO report on what's really going on with our species. If you haven't read one, this is what's happening: The haves are wasting food and their ability to maintain health while the have-nots don't have the means to do either. Regardless, wouldn't it be nice to have a funeral where they look at you and say "Look at his dead face. He looks so fucking fit"? Anyway, i don't workout. I receive my share of exercise from pushing others into gym. Akshar happens to be one of my victims. I won't say he began gym-ing because of me but it did happen after i happened to him. And like all good things, this episode too came to an end. Early this week, he was banished from his building gym because the lease doesn't contain his name. Not to give up so easily, he protested by jogging around the gym—from outside, of course. Have you heard of a more subtle and healthier way of protesting? 

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