Tuesday, June 2, 2015

When the clock struck 30

My amma and papa completed 30 years of marriage on Sunday. They aren't the celebratory types so nothing special—not even a proper family lunch or dinner—happened back home. Life is too long to celebrate days perhaps. Funnily enough, ma told me that they've been together for so long that dad doesn't remember marrying her. Of course, it was a joke but it got me thinking (as if i'm going to do anything about it). Aren't three decades too long a time for two individuals to cohabit? My dad is 68 and my ma, 62. They've known each other since childhood but it was only when their wedding was being fixed that they could see each other in a different light. Going by the travails—ups and downs in equal measure—that they faced after tying the knot, i'm wondering whether papa does remember that day or not. 

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