Sunday, June 14, 2015

Kick or adopt

I found this cute interaction between a lil' kid and a street dog. The boy was anxious to take a look at the sleeping beauty but to his shock, it (given the gender wasn't specified) woke up and began to move away. This was last night. I have two theories about what's going to happen to that boy in the coming years.
Theory no.1: He's going to grow up with an utter fear for the unclean creatures which will eventually crystallize into hatred for the street dogs. What this entails is a life full of resentment towards beings who don't have a place to call home. Instead of adopting them or at least being kind to, the boy will either distance himself or throw stones at them to keep them from sniffing his hands. 
Theory no.2: Someday soon, someone will be profound enough to introduce him to the innocence of a street dog. That way, instead of harbouring fear, the boy will channelize his curiosity into something positive—more curiosity. It'd be an eye-opener. Which will help him become a far better person than theory no.1 can ever allow. 

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