Monday, June 1, 2015

Conclude at your own risk

Week in and week out, studies take place so that we get a better view into stuff we don't care about, let alone think of. For all the trouble scholars, scientists and professors undergo, these studies are published in journals and posted online for commoners like us to understand our species better. It goes without highlighting that there is no such a thing as conclusion when it comes to researches like these. One study might contradict another while each holding onto their individual merit. We are different and unique so why shouldn't scientific-behavioral studies be any different? Which is why i decided to share two such intriguing studies that i came across recently.

a. A study found that when people were asked by a stranger if they would sleep with them, 75% men said yes and every single woman said NO. The most obvious conclusion one can draw from this study is that women take physical intimacy way too seriously than men. In other words, men are casual when it comes to matters located between the sheets. In the study's defense, there was a good mix of men who were single, married, young and not-so-young. The same was true for the women who participated. During the study, the predominating reason cited for affirmative response by men was “So what? It's just sex” while the negative response by women had a “But why the rush?” ring to it. Doesn't this show how love/affection STILL plays a key role for women while men are busy nurturing a boner? Does this study mean that evolution is a farce as men are YET to evolve? Thankfully, the 25% won't agree.

b. A research paper postulates that the higher the blood alcohol content of a person, the higher they rate themselves on personal attractiveness. There are several reasons for a person to consume alcohol. It could be an excuse to be happy (waking up sad the next morning is an altogether different topic) for a change. It could be a lubricant for a lot of chokers who can't really breathe and initiate a chat (which is silly because humans can't breathe while talking anyway) without a drink in hand. It could be an escape to forget something from your past (but only end up forgetting what happened last night) immediately. I'm sure there are other excuses in place but have you heard anyone say that alcohol makes them feel attractive? I haven't. Although i must say that i've seen people talk (rubbish) or sing (pathetic) confidently once they are drunk. But not once have i heard anybody admit that alcohol makes them feel attractive. Have you? Does it?

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