Sunday, July 17, 2016

Case wide awake

Isn't a crime detective's job the coolest one out there? No, no, nothing to do with Sherlock Holmes hype. Just in general. You're assigned a case and you're supposed to solve it by all means. Your views and methods define the course of someone else's life or death. If doctors (read: surgeons) are the angels who saves lives, then detectives solving homicide cases are the ones who help us understand deaths. I've never met an intense sleuth in real life but whatever i've seen of them on the screen, one inane factor binds them all: they all seem to be struggling with their inner demons. This is further accentuated by a pitiful insomnia. I recently watched Broadchurch and i couldn't help but try to figure out the protagonist's moral compass. There is something in him which is reminiscent of the calm yet restless Rusty Cohle  as well as Will Graham. Movies don't get to do justice to such characters, be it Brad Pitt in Se7en (1995) or Jake Gyllenhaal in Prisoners (2013). Lack of time, perhaps. Regardless, each one of them is high on coffee and low on sleep. Their obvious retort to "How do you even sleep at night after seeing the gruesomest bits of humankind?" would be "Who told you i sleep?". 

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