Wednesday, July 13, 2016


When you wake up
Do certain things you never did before
Think about yourself
—instead of others
The way you feel
The way you used to feel
The way you wish you felt
As long as it's about you
Take 5 minutes if you like
Or maybe 10
Take as long as you can
To think about yourself, alright?
Once up on your feet
Move your limbs around
No need to brush or wash
Just wriggle your body a bit
Shake off that cloak of pessimism
Warm up
No weights
Push up
Squat down
Pull up
Bend around
Let life enter your skin
Let blood rush your cheeks
Let sweat tease your belly button
And when you're done, relax
Try to repeat the same every morning
Till the day you don't wake up
And people are surprised by your death.

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