Friday, July 8, 2016

The brighter side of darkness

What will happen if there's no power; complete blackout in a country? For starters, the answer depends on which part of the world we're talking about. Yes, there will be darkness after sunset. Industries will come to a halt and the whole paradigm on which our modern world balances today will be shaken. Economy, as we know it, will also pose newer existential questions. It's impossible to imagine a world without electricity but what's harder to imagine is a world which (finally) realizes how much it depends on electricity. However, that's still not the worst thing to foresee. As George Carlin once pointed out in one of his many outstanding stand-ups, once the power goes off, all the prisoners will be out of the prison as the locks are power-controlled. Within hours, all the criminals—hardened or otherwise—shall be running amok on our streets. No force would be able to stop them. Yes, prisons are mostly located on the outskirts but how long can it possibly take for them to storm into civilization? Not a lot perhaps. Which brings us to an even more interesting axiom: for the kind of population India has, the number of prisons are relatively low. Also, if an eternal power outage takes place in our country, it will only affect those who are used to 24-hour power supply. And we all know how enlightened pan-India is. 

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