Friday, July 15, 2016

What on wall is that!

All kinds of people have different kinds of fear. Some people are dreading the loss of their their job or that they might end up vandalizing their relationship while others are scared of rocking the cradle called civilization with their ideas (we call them geniuses but we never know what's going on inside their heads). On a personal front, i'm not scared of worldly matters. I'm not scared of losing my job or material possessions. I might be taken aback if i happen to lose my loved ones. But still, i'd say lizards are my greatest fear. If it were possible, i'd rather have these lil' creatures go extinct instead of pandas and rhinos of the world. In my defense, i developed this neurotic resentment-cum-fear-more-disgust for lizards at a very young age. My cousin apparently threw an alive hatchling on me when i was barely four. According to my mother, i screamed and danced like never before! Since then, my antipathy for this being has only grown. I know there are people out there who like them and even have them as pets. Sorry. My wife is the one in charge of brooming them out of our walls at home. And this is the thing about phobia: you end up paying too much attention to what you fear or hate. Just like your trolls on Twitter do. Nobody gives more damn about your presence than them. Which is the reason why i was able to notice certain facets about lizards over the years...
  • The lizard on the wall acts as if it's God but then, who knows for sure?
  • When there's just me and a lizard in the room, the assumptions of being wiser than the other is high. 
  • For me, encountering a lizard having my very own Man vs. Wild moment.
  • Just scared the shit out of it. (Me: 7 Lizards: 39434846)
  • Ignoring its presence the way it ignores my existence is quite difficult. 
  • I wonder who is lonelier — me or him stuck to the wall.
  • I often imagine it having imaginary friends too.
  • To a lizard, prose and poetry are the same.
  • The lizard in the bathroom thinks you're a naked monster... on its property!
  • Absolutely nothing can prepare us for the fall of a lizard.
  • Try guiding a lizard out of the room via the window. (The lil' fuck will take all the routes possible EXCEPT the window.)
  • Face your fear unless it's a lizard.
  • What's the procedure to tell a lizard that it's a grown up and can't stay in the house all day?
  • There's no way to find out how many languages that lizard on your wall has picked up by now.
  • Well, i'm not scared. Just that we two weren't introduced properly. (LOLJK.)

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