Saturday, July 23, 2016

Toke care

It was a balmy night and the tiny room smelled stuffy enough to keep one awake. Our hero rolled from one edge of the bed to another with the fan failing to provide any comfort. Helpless, he dragged himself up and opened the window. He could have done that before going to sleep but he didn't, lest the mosquitoes storm in as they usually do. Tonight was unbearable so he chose air over blood. Within minutes, he fell asleep. When he woke up, the ceiling seemed normal but there was some action going on on the wall behind his head. Up above the window, he could notice two beige-ish creatures facing each other. It looked like they were conversing like old couples would on a lazy morning. He wasn't impressed by them or their lovey-dovey veneer. He got up, picked up the broom and began to politely direct them out via where they got in from: window. No pleasantries for uninvited guests? No, thanks. The movement of the ruffled broom caught both the reptiles' attention and they dispersed in opposite directions like Bonnie and Clyde would have. About half an hour later, our boy was tired and the two shameless lizards were still inside the house. By then, he knew exactly what he had to do the following night. An enclosed room filled with smoke to the very brim is enjoyed only by the person who happens to be smoking. 

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