Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tribal humour

There are still more than three dozen tribes out there who are leading a primitive life. Most of them have been contacted but there are still a few left who don't give a shit about modern world. There are a handful that haven't even discovered fire yet. And one of them is the Sentinelese tribe who live on the Andaman Islands. Technically, these people are Indians but they have been hostile to ALL kinds of contacts. No, don't confuse them with the relatively amicable Jarawa tribe. Sentinelese don't like us. Plain and simple. A good example of their insulation can be traced to what they did right after the Indian Ocean tsunami last week. We're talking about an event that killed more than 200000 people within hours. So, when Indian Coast Guard sent a helicopter to check on the Sentinelese people; whether they were OK or not, something strange happened. As soon as the chopper started hovering over the island, it was greeted by a wave of arrows from dark-skinned men on the land. Some arrows almost struck the landing skids. Fearing safety, the helicopter took a U-turn and headed back to mainland. I love imagining the sweet irony in their message back home: "Oh, they are safe! Very safe!

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