Sunday, July 3, 2016


The year was 1993 and the entire house got robbed within the silence of one fine night. The following morning wasn't that quiet though. There was chaos in the air and all the family members appeared to be in state of shell shock. 
"How could this happen?
"Why didn't we hear anything?
"I'm not even a sound sleeper." 
"They took away all the gold."
"My phoren watch is missing."
"The rascals took away everything!" on the postmortem report read; apparent symptoms of helplessness.
Outside, the neighbours were murmuring as the news spread. The police were on their way too. Inside, little Raghu had just discovered that the green 5-rupee note he had safely hidden in his geometry box was missing as well. Turns out the thieves didn't even spare him. Although he didn't utter a word, nobody else there could have matched the seven-year-old's agony. 

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