Monday, July 18, 2016


The couple started arguing as soon as it boarded the autorickshaw. The autowallah, being used to such behaviour, pretended to not eavesdrop while the two adults in the backseat turned into patron saints of petulance. Had it been some other day, they wouldn't be even talking to each other, let alone debate. Both would have been engrossed in their smartphones with the sole aim of entertaining absolute strangers they are never going to meet with their hourly updates on life and lifelessness while seeking unquenchable online validation. But then, today was different. They had their priorities set: to prove each other wrong anyhow. And what better way to do that than sarcastically respond to your opponent's statements with "YEAH, RIGHT!"? So lost were the two in their verbal duel that they didn't realize, until much later, that their driver took all the right turns. 

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