Saturday, August 13, 2016

A modern fixation with carelessness?

They'll tell you you've got OCD if you do any/all of the following:
  • You keep your desk clean and table, cleaner.
  • You arrange things properly, be it in a fridge or a cabinet.
  • You don't litter around and help the environ stay tidy.
  • You even pick up stuff others dropped carelessly. 
  • You switch off the buttons in your room before leaving. 
  • You switch off the buttons in your flat-mates' rooms too. 
  • You have an organized desktop with everything in their place.
  • You HAVE to stop others from wasting resources like power, water, etc. 
  • You just won't allow wastage of food—no matter what. 
  • You close the door of the cabinet after use. 
  • You close the door of the cabinet after your flat-mates use. 
  • You run water over your plate before placing them in the sink. 
  • You NEVER forget to shut the kitchen window and balcony slider at sunset.
  • You need to have the doormats and the rugs at exact locations.
  • You remember all the bills to pay and the calculations. 
  • You got to have every single transaction on record. 
  • You don't fool around with civil responsibilities. 
What they don't tell you while claiming you've got OCD: 
  • Keeping the desk or a table clean helps in concentrating better. A messy desk/table only adds to the troubles we already face in abundance. 
  • Placing stuff properly in a fridge/cabinet goes a long way in avoiding time wastage. You know where the milk is and you know where the rice is.
  • When exactly did littering become cool and that too when Indians are supposed to be more literate (oh fuck, there's a difference between literacy and education!) than ever before?
  • It's better to pick up that wrapper dropped carelessly on the street than cry that our country is filthy. 
  • Wasting electricity in a time when we're fully aware of the consequences our kids and grandkids are going to experience is plain cruel, if not stupid. 
  • Flat-mates often leave their fans and lights on without realizing the impact it has on the villages that are yet to receive electricity. Thinking of power as a well with limited amount of water is needed. 
  • It's called desktop for a reason. Otherwise, they'd have used 'bottom' somewhere. 
  • Nowadays, common sense is derided off as gyan and that's a dangerous trend. 
  • Food is one of those things kids on the outskirts dream of (quite literally) while we waste it thanks to our entitled attitude. If participating in selfless campaigns is too much to ask for, how about taking only as much food as required?
  • Lizards, amongst other undesirable beings, get in when you leave the cabinet open. 
  • Lizards have an OCD of staying in your house without your permission. Not cool.
  • When your plate dries up by morning, the maid hates you a bit more than required. 
  • Squirrels get in if you leave the window/slider open. Which is cute but sometimes they get stuck behind the fridge. Not so cute. (Mosquitoes and monkeys slip in as well.)
  • Doormats lose their purpose in life if they are placed three feet away from the door. The same goes for a rug that is nowhere close to providing warmth when required.
  • Bills play a significant role in maintaining healthy relationship. The closer attention they are paid to, the better. 
  • Money can ruin relationships in a second. Better to be a step ahead than behind. Flat-mates change. Relationships shouldn't. 
  • Being responsible ought to be given a chance. Peace might return on its own.