Monday, August 15, 2016

Dance like you're watching Nate Ruess

I've written about Nate Ruess' Nothing Without Love before but back then, i was specific to the lyrics with little emphasis on the another aspect of the song. It's been over a year since i got in touch with this masterpiece and i'm still a fan. You usually get bored of a song after a while. You listen to it repeatedly, on loop, only to stop at a point to avoid hating it. THAT didn't happen with Ruess. And coming back to the dancing bit, i'm yet to come across a music video where the crooner grooves as recklessly as the tiny man does in this one here. Truth be plugged, he dances with a rhythm that indicates his oneness with the lyrics of the song. There are no beats to be missed as his limbs move perfectly in tune with the set meter. Of course, there is editing at play here. But still, his act makes you want to dance crazily under the sky and in the water—alone or with your sweetheart. 

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