Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Eavesdropping is a natural order of gossip. You listen something. You construe something. You spread something. Seldom do all these three activities remain congruent to the truth in place. Many a times, you listen something, you construe something else, you spread something completely different. That's how gossip functions and thrives in our soceity. It's an infection and quite a tricky trap. Once your word is out, you can't change it. Doesn't matter what is true or false; extra care is required when it comes to judgments on others. Which is why the greatest of minds urged us to trust silence more than words. Once you learn to obey silence, words will eventually obey you. But then, stuck in the rigmarole of 2016, isn't that too much to ask for? Perhaps. This morning, i overheard something interesting in office pantry. A female techie was talking to her male counterpart about something (presumably) related to work. "Tu samajh raha hai na main kya bol rahi hoon?" From his confused expression, i could tell there was no scope for gossip here.

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